Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

"I was pleased with the way Dr. Lee explained everything he would be doing. His office was brand new, and everything he did worked well on my back!"
— Gene J., Champlin MN

"I was very pleased with Dr. Lee’s caring and listening to my concerns. I know he has my best interests and health at heart."
— K. Sactz, Osseo MN

"Dr. Dave is extremely talented as a chiropractor. He is very unique because he uses the KST technique which has proved very successful. Not many chiropractors have learned how to use this technique. Dave is committed to help each patient achieve health in every area of their lives."
— Susan Germanson (Author of Two Books)

"After throwing my back out from raking leaves, I was in constant pain. I was hesitant but my husband had such wonderful results, I came to see Dr. Lee. His approach was slow and gentle, and it helped me relax. After a few months of treatments, I am just getting monthly adjustments and feel better than ever! I wouldn’t go without my tune-ups! They keep me operating at my best and I feel great about preventative healthcare!"
— Donna J., Champlin MN

"I had been suffering from migraines for 7 years. My whole head, but mainly my eyes hurt. I had been prescribed medication for the pain, and it only worked sometimes. I was afraid I would become immune to it. I didn’t want to take any more pain medication and I was looking for a more natural type of cure.

I had never been to a chiropractor, and I had doubts because nothing else has helped. Dr. Lee recommended I use ice, practice some exercises, and watch posture besides my treatments. I had been experiencing migraines on a daily basis for 2 weeks straight, but after 2 treatments, I finally had days free from a migraine!"
— Maggie L., Champlin MN