Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy 

Chiropractic care involves the care of the body’s support structures, with a focus on the spine.

The theory behind chiropractic care is that the entire person is affected by changes in certain areas of the body. Many people falsely assume that chiropractors treat only back and neck injuries. They do treat the spinal column, but they provide comfort for more than stiff necks and slipped disks. In fact, chiropractic care focuses on treating the entire patient through bone and joint alignment of the entire body, treating pressure on particular nerves, providing patients with vitamin and mineral information, care for headaches, stress, and a laundry list of other complaints. Chiropractic is also about preventative care. About getting the body into proper alignment/condition for a healthy lifestyle, which will prevent or at least reduce physical stressors from occurring.

Many people are hesitant to visit a chiropractor. They do not understand the benefits of chiropractic care and they may even think chiropractors are “quacks.” Remember what your mother told you when you didn’t want to try a new food? When the new kid started at your school? Just like with food or people, just because something is new (to you), doesn’t mean you won’t like it or benefit from getting better acquainted with it/him/her.

Not just anyone can hang up a sign and begin practicing chiropractic medicine. Chiropractors hold traditional four year college degrees and advanced degrees in chiropractic care. They must attend 4,800 hours of chiropractic post-graduate training. Their training is ongoing even after those 4,800 hours. They follow up with courses and seminars throughout their careers. Chiropractors are licensed professionals who must pass rigorous tests to prove their abilities. In the United States, every single state requires chiropractors to be licensed.

Why start now? 

Think about the physical changes your body has undergone (and will continue to undergo) as a result of the miracle going on inside you. The additional weight you are bearing, the hormones surging through your body, the emotional roller coaster you’re riding (even if the emotions you are feeling are of the everyday variety mixed with flying high variety), these things put stress on your body’s muscles, nerves, bones, joints, and organ systems. When you think about it, now may be the perfect time to start.

One of the best times for first timers to begin chiropractic care is in the second trimester, when you’re just beginning to grow larger. You are really only beginning to grow larger, there’s so much more of you to come in the months ahead. Remember I said that a large part of chiropractic care is the preventative aspect of it.

How can chiropractic care benefit you? 

Even women whose pregnancies are relatively complaint free can benefit from chiropractic care during pregnancy.

Pregnant women who visit a chiropractor regularly report:

  • Less back and leg pain
  • Healthier circulation – fewer instances of tingling in the extremities
  • Feeling more calm than they did before chiropractic care began
  • Fewer headaches
  • Better digestion

Chiropractic care does not replace traditional medicine, it complements it

If you decide to investigate chiropractors in your area, a great place to start is with your obstetrician. She may recommend a great doctor of chiropractic. Many obstetricians encourage patients to see a chiropractor on a monthly basis for the duration of their pregnancies. If your body has adapted beautifully to pregnancy, monthly visits may provide you all the realignment you need.

If you are one of life’s less fortunate, perhaps bi-weekly or even weekly visits could help you on your pregnancy journey.

Chiropractors accept medical insurance, so check out your insurance plan 

Do you have chiropractic coverage?

If you are a chiropractic devotee, you’re probably already receiving chiropractic pregnancy care. Good for you. Do you feel that your pregnancy is going smoothly? Consider spreading the word to other expecting moms about the font of well-being you visit.

If you are a believer in chiropractic care, but only visit a chiropractor when experiencing back or neck related issues, consider setting up a pre-natal chiropractic consultation with your favorite “emergency care” chiropractor. He can explain the benefits to you as they apply to your particular pregnancy.

Minnesota Chiropractic Care

If chiropractic is new to you, it’s something worth thinking. It’s definitely not for everyone. (But you’re not just anyone, are you?) For some, it’s just too odd, too untraditional. If that’s you, that’s okay. No one will fault you for being traditional, for choosing the medical care you believe is in the best interests of you and your baby. But maybe when your back starts to ache in the third trimester you may want to reconsider.

A chiropractor who is versed in the needs of women who are pregnant will also provide you with exercises and stretches that are safe to use during pregnancy and compliment any adjustments made to your spine. 

If you are pregnant or plan to start a family in the near future, consulting with a Champlin Minnesota Chiropractor would be very beneficial.

Chances are pretty good that once you’ve felt the benefits of chiropractic care during your pregnancy, you will continue with your chiropractor beyond pregnancy.