Patients And Chiropractors Work Together To Maintain Wellbeing

  1. Health Care is a dynamic process and a cooperative effort
  2. Patient education and self-care are important goals
  3. Patients are empowered to take responsibility  and control of their own heath

Symptoms Don’t Tell The Whole Story

  1. Many problems arise gradually and symptoms appear only when problems are advanced.
  2. Wellness care helps detect and correct problems at an early stage by restoring and maintaining normal functions and biomechanics
  3. Good functioning muscles and joints are healthier and more resistant to injury, illness or degeneration.

Chiropractic Care Helps

  1. Restore and maintain full range of motion
  2. Promote full function
  3. Optimize performance and coordination
  4. Improve biomechanics
  5. Maintain joint stability
  6. Reduce the risk of injury and degeneration
  7. Improve nutrition to disc and other joints
  8. Induce a sense of well-being and relaxation

Motion And Nutrition Of Discs And Joints

  1. Chiropractors check the spine regularly to evaluate the motion of joints
  2. Good Motion is essential for the health and nutrition of discs and joints because it permits the exchange of nutrients, fluid and waste.
  3. Fibrosis occurs in motionless joints and can lead to stiffness and degeneration
  4. Motion also reduces the formation of fibrosis (scar tissue)
  5. Without movements, discs and joints may degenerate quickly

Joints Can Have Disturbed Biomechanics Without Pain and/or Other Symptoms

  1. Disturbed biomechanics:  1) Alter load distribution, Increase risk of injury 2) Accelerate degeneration, 3) Reduce optimal performance
  2. Chiropractors identify such joints and by adjustments, help restore normal biomechanics and load distribution
  3. This helps optimize function and may reduce the risk of future problems or injuries

Chiropractic Care Focuses On Strength and Optimal Function

  1. Chiropractic offers a holistic approach
  2. The patient is the center of care, not a disease or symptoms
  3. The goal of care is to Achieve a more valuable life, restore and preserve full function and well being!

For more Information or if you would like to speak to a Doctor of Chiropractic please feel free to call your Minnesota Chiropractic.