What Is Acupuncture and How Does it Work?

Acupuncture uses needles to stimulate points on the body that are responsible for different organs and diseases related to those organs. Acupuncture promotes healing by relieving pain, reducing inflammation and stimulating blood flow. Patients’ pain and inflammation will decrease after several sessions while chronic conditions will see improvement depending upon patient’s age, symptoms and their other medical conditions. 

  • Acupuncture relieves pain and inflammation while increasing blood flow
  • Acupuncturists have more precise tools at their disposal than in the past
  • Acupuncture is effective in treating pain and inflammation in both acute and chronic patients
  • Acupuncturist was a practicing orthopedic surgeon
  • Acupuncture, a standard of treatment in traditional Chinese medicine, employs needles to either stimulate or aggravate specific points on the body that are responsible for different organs and the diseases that are related to those organs. This alternative to Western medicine’s approach to managing disease is used at Doctors of Chiropractic to treat musculoskeletal disorders, pain, joint problems, headaches, tennis elbow, disk herniation and anxiety.
  • Although modern acupuncture has its roots in Chinese medicine, today’s acupuncturist has more precise tools at their disposal. Current acupuncture needles vary in length. This is a significant difference because depending on the condition of the patient, the acupuncturist can choose longer needles to provide more depth of penetration. Needles are manufactured from different metals including stainless steel, gold and silver. The different properties of each of these metals determine which diseases they will be most effective in treating.
  • The first way acupuncture promotes healing is by relieving pain. In fact, acupuncture is considered nature’s beat pain relieving tool. It also reduces inflammation, restores energy balance and stimulates blood flow. Acute patients will begin to see evidence of decreased pain and inflammation after several sessions, at which point, they will be ready to begin physical therapy to strength muscles and restore range of motion. For patients with chronic conditions, acupuncture can significantly improve their condition depending upon their age, symptoms and the presence of other medical conditions.
  • Although acupuncture is an effective tool in pain therapy, there are certain patients who shouldn’t be exposed to it, such as those who suffer from high blood pressure. Keep in mind that acupuncture stimulates blood flow, causing an increase in blood pressure. However, our acupuncturist can still help these patients improve their conditions through cold laser therapy, tense therapy, sound wave therapy and infrared therapy without the negative side effect of increasing blood pressure.

Acupuncture therapies that will achieve balance throughout your body, which can correct many problems. With these problems corrected, pain can be eliminated. The needle is one of the means to correct problems with Acupuncture, but all of our means are natural as well as surgery and drug free. Give your Minnesota Chiropractic a call.