National Chiropractic Month Focuses On Obesity

National Chiropractic Month is a nationwide campaign each October.  This year they are concentrating on how chiropractic care can treat and prevent obesity.  Greater than 60% of American adults are currently overweight or obese as stated by the Center for Disease Control.  Obesity can generate other health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and even some cancers.  Trying to lose weight seems like an uphill battle to many persons.  To lose weight you need to know where to begin.  Some people may be able to find the answer in their local chiropractic office.

Chiropractic, can help specify a Nutrition regime that is the most beneficial to every individual’s needs. But with the help of supplements, keeping a balance diet is a much easier task.  Let chiropractic care help you design a plan just for you.  Using supplements can also help with Detoxifying, sleep problems, Calcium and Bone growth and many more.

Chiropractic care can also treat conditions such as back and neck pain, whiplash, sports injuries and work injuries.  They also have the ability to recommend therapeutic and physical therapy exercises.

They are trained in nutritional, dietary and lifestyle changes and some even in herbal medicines and supplements.